VIDEO: Young Voices – The Right to Protest from the Voice Project

Many young people are participating in our democracy. They speak with eloquence and passion, and they are not afraid of the harsh and sometimes crude truth. Like Emma, who speaks out against 19 anti-protest bills working their way through state legislatures with penalties for various aspects of peaceful protest, a cornerstone of our democracy.

Few would argue that Trump has brought out the best and the worst in America. He has exposed both the nation’s capacity to love and to hate. He has put the vulnerable and all those who care for and about them on notice that they are not safe, and he has created a space for white hate groups. The people have the power when they coalesce. When they demonstrate. When they march. The protesters, rich and poor, of every hue it is possible for a human being to be, of different ethnicities and religions, old and young, immigrants and citizens alike to stand together in solidarity. Here is Emma on our right to protest.


About the Voice Project

“In the fight against oppression and injustice, the first step is having the freedom to speak out, to raise one’s voice. Often it’s artists and activists who sound the alarm and call others to join in action. These early responders to injustice and oppression need to be able to do so free from persecution and prosecution. Movements and issues ranging from the environment to equality and fighting global poverty are dependent on the individual’s ability to advance these causes via this foundational human right; freedom of expression. Our goal is to be on the front lines defending those who use their voice to speak out. In this era of greatly increasing globalization, and what seems to be a concomitant marginalization of human rights, we’ve seen increased pressure brought to bear to limit freedom of expression and prosecute those who speak out, so we feel this work is more relevant and more important than ever.” More info here.

View the Voice Project for the full list of states and how you can participate with Emma.


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