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“At Garn we recommend that children have great stories with illustrations that also tell the story, and coloring books – like this one! – that encourage children to actively engage with the characters as they retell the story – reading the words if they can or re-inventing them if not.”

Toodle-oo Ruby Blue! Coloring Book is now available as an early release on Amazon.

Book: Toodle-oo Ruby Blue! Coloring Book
Garn Press (42 pp.)
Paperback: $9.95
ISBN: 978-1-942146-71-1
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About Toodle-oo Ruby Blue! Coloring Book

Little kids love Toodle-oo Ruby Blue so much Garn Press asked Rachel Backshall to turn her wonderful illustrations into coloring pages for little kids to color. Then we took some of the coloring pages to the Brooklyn Book Festival and children spent the whole day coloring them with Rachel who flew all the way from Scotland to New York to be with them.

At the Brooklyn Book Festival many parents talked with Denny Taylor who wrote the story Toodle-oo Ruby Blue about their children’s struggles learning to read in school.

Denny shared with parents that the secret to the success of children’s early literacy experiences is engaging children in joyful reading experiences that encourage children’s positive interactions with books.

“We would stack Toodle-oo Ruby Blue,” Denny said, “up against an entire year of workbooks and test prep materials in encouraging young children to love reading and become enthusiastic ‘proficient’ young readers.”

At Garn we recommend that children have great stories with illustrations that also tell the story, and coloring books – like this one! – that encourage children to actively engage with the characters as they retell the story – reading the words if they can or re-inventing them if not.

Most importantly, have fun coloring Rachel’s incredible illustrations with your children, and if you would like to know more about young children learning to read and write please go to the end of the book where you will find some more really important information about how children learn to read and write.

Toodle-oo Ruby Blue! Children’s Book 

Book: Toodle-oo Ruby Blue!
Garn Press (36 pp.)
Hardcover $18.95 | ISBN: 978-1-942146-62-9
Paperback: $12.95 | ISBN: 978-1-942146-61-2
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About the Book

Toodle-oo Ruby Blue! is a touching story about two little girls – Ruby Blue and Lilly Wu – saying goodbye to each other. Part poem, part song – the words rhyme as Ruby Blue and Lilly Wu remember playing together. In the vibrant illustrations the tiger is a small soft toy that grows to be a larger than life real tiger, which almost leaps from the page in Rachel Backshall’s brilliant illustrations. Destined to be a beloved classic, Toodle-oo is highly predictable and easy to read. Both children and adults already love it. Nominated “Most Distinguished American Picture Book for Children” – 2018 Randolph Caldecott Medal. Nominated “Most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children” – 2018 John Newbery Medal

About the Author Denny Taylor

Denny Taylor believes learning to read can be joyful and fun, even for children who are struggling readers. In five decades of teaching she has never administered a test. She began teaching 5, 6, and 7 year olds in the East End of London in 1968. She has taught many children to read, and many beginning teachers how to teach reading.

Taylor’s books about children and reading include: Family Literacy (1983)Family Storybook Reading (1986), Growing Up Literate (1988); From the Child’s Point of View (1993), Toxic Literacies (1996), Beginning to Read and the Spin Doctors of Science (1998), Save Our Children, Save Our School, Pearson Broke the Golden Rule (2014), Teaching Without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning (2017), the YA novel Rosie’s Umbrella (2015), and the illustrated children’s beginning reading book Rat-a-tat-tat! I’ve Lost my Cat! (2015). She is the recipient of the MLA Mina P. Shaughnessy Award and has been nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.  She was inducted into the IRA’s Reading Hall of Fame in 2004.

About the Illustrator Rachel Backshall

Rachel Backshall, BA Oxon, is a UK artist and illustrator recently graduated from Oxford University. She has exhibited her highly acclaimed silk paintings in London, Oxford and Liverpool – many of which are inspired by her research into specific archaeological sites during her degree.

Her illustrations are inspired by the natural world and focus in particular on the wild and wonderful animals that appear both in reality, and in children’s imaginations. She is particularly interested in the concept of imaginative play, looking at the way children visualise and develop games and stories. Acknowledging that human imagination plays such a vital part to all stages of our lives, Rachel hopes to capture some of these moments within her illustrations, and in particular to relate to the magical way that children bring their toys and games to life.

Rachel has recently illustrated the prize winning Pearl of the Seas and Kris and Kate Build a Boat – The Magical Adventure for Garn Press author Ruth Finnegan, and has since been extremely honoured to work with Denny Taylor on Toodle-oo Ruby Blue as part of the Ruby Blue Series. She is currently working with both authors on future projects.

Connect with Rachel

Instagram @rachelbackshallsilkartist

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