VIDEO: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on Climate Change “Time To Wake Up”

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has given more than 135 speeches on the Senate floor to urge his colleagues to act on climate change by clearly stating “Time to Wake Up“. Truth telling has always taken courage and truth tellers often get slammed. For three years Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has given weekly speeches in Congress on the dangers of climate change – more 135 speeches to an almost empty assembly room with his only constant companion, a green sign on a easel that warns the somnolent senators satiated with oily money that it’s “Time to Wake up”.

In this week’s “Time to Wake Up” speech, Sen. Whitehouse discusses what 2017 meant for our pollution of the Earth’s climate, and what 2018 may bring. One of the Senator’s 2018 resolutions? Put a price on carbon.

So Where is the Hope?

Hope is in the rebellious voices, like the voice of Senator Whitehouse that rings out loud and clear for everyone in U.S. Society to hear, even though in Congress his voice falls on dead ears.  For hope to triumph it is critical we do not succumb to fear, that we act by organizing in the public sphere. But what does it mean, “to organize in the public sphere?” There are many ways in which we can participate in the struggle.

Knowing the temperature will rise +2% Centigrade by the middle of the 21st century should galvanize us into action –organizing in the public sphere.  For instance, we know we should be better prepared for the ever-increasing volume of disasters that people are experiencing worldwide. We also know that if our present response to catastrophic events and humanitarian crises is anything to go by our response to future disasters and potentially cataclysmic events, will, in and of itself, be a disaster. And knowing that social, environmental and weather related disasters are inextricably linked, our willingness to support and participate in the planning and preparations for catastrophic events could make a huge difference.

Such organizing might include the ways in which we participate in our local communities and reach out to other communities here in the US and in other parts of the world. It might make us rethink the ways in which we educate our children, as well as the pedagogical reform models currently being imposed on schools to increase the very activities of humans on the planet that are making the temperature rise. But whatever way we plan to act, for the sake of our kids let’s give a shout-out for Senator Whitehouse for his three years of truth telling to the US. Congress and Tweet out the message: “Time to wake up!”

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