Garn Press Imprints

The mission of Garn Press is the quest for knowledge that can be acted upon, with the practical goal of providing writers and readers with opportunities to engage with each other in new and original ways.


At Garn Press we work in the interface between our virtual and physical worlds for the common good and mutual aid of people and the planet. We invite great scholars and writers, across paradigms, disciplines, and professions, to engage with the public in new and dynamic ways, to establish relationships with a general readership rather than restricting what they know to publications in their academic fields. At Garn Press there are three imprints.


People and Society

Garn focus is on the ceaseless controversies across the social spectrum of issues that define the age in which we live, and publishes books on the what, how, and who of them, and of course the why of them. Our goal is publish books that engage the public, empowering not disenfranchising, conceptualizing well-being and resiliency, not only for individuals, but for people in their neighborhoods and in the global community. Learn more about People and Society.


People and the Planet

At Garn Press we continually question how decision makers can reach consensus about actionable knowledge when the key participants in the discussions have widely differing and disconnected values, ethics, emotions, and spiritual beliefs, levels of trust, interests and power? What happens if they cannot agree, if no action is taken, or when there are no solutions, or when reason does not prevail? It is this set of circumstances that has led Garn Press to be interested in publishing books which address the question: Has science outpaced the human capacity to respond to the real-world events taking place, or have real-world events outpaced science? Learn more about People and the Planet.


Imagination and the Human Spirit

At Garn Press, we are convinced that actionable knowledge to address some of the great questions about human life depends on nurturing the imagination and human spirit. Through the arts people are inspired to act. For Garn Press, science, literature, art, and philosophy are not separate categories. They are intricately connected, and through these connections it is possible for us to get a larger sense of life, with a clarity of vision that would not be possible otherwise. Learn more about Imagination and the Human Spirit.

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