People and the Planet

At Garn Press we are energized for social action. We support peaceful social movements that connect people and the planet.



At Garn Press we are energized for social action. We support peaceful social movements that connect people and the planet.

Garn Press is interested in the insights to be gained from the unimagined circumstances in which people find themselves, especially due to climate change and the changing ecology of the planet. We are interested in books that challenge the status quo, that shake us up and make us think about the odd and the anomalous, that are becoming commonplace in our everyday lives.

At a time when there is overwhelming scientific evidence that people and the planet are on an unsustainable course, this small publishing press is gutsy enough to think it might have a small role to play by publishing books that ask how a society that values logic and reason can be so blind to the imminent cascading risks that exist? At Garn Press we question our human fallibility, and we ask why our human instinct for survival has not kicked in?

What concerns us at Garn Press is whether the scientific community can deliver actionable knowledge that will provide new insights and solutions to solve real world problems. We worry about how timely these actions will be if scientists deliver actionable knowledge to global leaders, especially the US Congress, but no actions are taken.

At Garn Press we continually question how decision makers can reach consensus about actionable knowledge when the key participants in the discussions have widely differing and disconnected values, ethics, emotions, and spiritual beliefs, levels of trust, interests and power? What happens if they cannot agree, if no action is taken, or when there are no solutions, or when reason does not prevail?

It is this set of circumstances that has led Garn Press to be interested in publishing books which address the question: Has science outpaced the human capacity to respond to the real-world events taking place, or have real-world events outpaced science?

This is one of the most prescient questions of the 21st century. At Garn Press it is not hypothetical, it is the doomsday question,  the Question of Questions, the QoQ, that drives our search for books to publish that are provocative that engage our minds and hearts, and keep us constantly thinking about the future of people and the planet.

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